Valo Secures Early Stage Funding to Revolutionize Salesforce Administration with Cutting-Edge AI Solution

Valo Founders

Valo, the pioneering AI-driven Salesforce administration solution, has successfully closed an oversubscribed early-stage funding round.

San Francisco, California, and Espoo, Finland; July 9, 2024 — Valo, the pioneering AI-driven Salesforce administration solution, has successfully closed an oversubscribed early-stage funding round. Leading the investment are Inventure, Spintop Ventures, and notable cybersecurity experts.

In today's dynamic business environment, enterprises heavily rely on the robust Salesforce platform to fuel growth. This reliance necessitates ongoing development, configuration, integration, and access management. However, the rapid pace of business often exceeds the capacity of Salesforce administrators, resulting in overwork and vulnerabilities in configuration, integration, and access control. These issues can lead to poor performance, data breaches, or security and compliance violations.

Valo's platform, specifically designed for Salesforce, tackles these challenges head-on. It enables Salesforce administrators to quickly assess integration health, monitor usage, performance, and security, and efficiently manage integrations and access controls at scale. With over 9 million professionals engaged in the trillion-dollar Salesforce market, the need for administrative automation is immense. Valo aims to significantly enhance Salesforce administrators' productivity while mitigating risks.

"Many SaaS security posture management solutions are broad in scope, but Valo is purpose-built for Salesforce, allowing administrators to adopt a proactive and automated approach," said Jari Salomaa, CEO and co-founder of Valo. "Tasks that typically take weeks for Salesforce administrators can now be accomplished in minutes with Valo."

Sami Niemi, Partner at Spintop Ventures, added, “Integration security is a growing concern for platforms like Salesforce, especially with the rise of AI-powered applications. Valo addresses these challenges, helping CIOs, IT teams, and business owners optimize business needs while maintaining security and monitoring connected applications.”

Valo’s team comprises industry veterans from Salesforce, ServiceNow, Google, Snap, Spotify, Nokia, and F-Secure. CEO and co-founder Jari Salomaa previously led several successful products at Salesforce, including Salesforce Shield, Event Monitoring, and Security Health Check. CTO and co-founder Mika Ståhlberg, former CTO of F-Secure, launched Cloud Protection for Salesforce on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Global security expert Mikko Hypponen remarked, “This team’s strong cybersecurity background inspires absolute trust in their customers. I’m thrilled to support”

Timo Tirkkonen, Partner at Inventure, noted, “Valo’s team uniquely combines enterprise software and cybersecurity expertise. They are tackling a significant market, automating mundane tasks, and allowing IT teams to focus on more productive work.”

Valo invites enterprise customers in the Salesforce ecosystem to explore this new era of Salesforce administration at a special event during Dreamforce this September in San Francisco. Contact us to see Valo in action and join the early access program

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    Jari Salomaa