Header bidding has become the most efficient way to monetize programmatic web and app inventory. Despite this, most app developers are still using outdated waterfall auction systems.
Valo's proprietary technology brings all the same benefits from web header bidding to your app.   
Real Time Bidding

Maximize your in-app revenue with Valo 

a leading server-to-server header bidding solution

Transparency & Brand Safety

Inefficient Waterfalls

Waterfall auctions incorporate the sequential calling of advertisers based on their historical pricing bids. Demand sources are initiated one at a time, in order of the highest average bid to the lowest. 

This model has multiple drawbacks, namely latency, lower revenue yield and optimization based off inaccurate information. 

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Increase CPM

Get the highest price for each impression in real time, instead of optimizing on unreliable historical data

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Valo SSP offers app developers the most efficient way to monetize their inventory with our in-app S2S header bidding solution. Our leading technology gives app developers the ability to offer their inventory to multiple partners simultaneously.

This per-impression competition ensures up to date bid information, decreased latency and the highest value for all inventory. 

Valo SSP

About Us

Valo was created by industry veterans who know what app developers need. We took that knowledge, combined it with our ground-breaking tech and created Valo.


Valo is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with offices in 

Buenos Aires, New York and Tel Aviv. 

Management Team

Alberto Esquenazi


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Reduce Latency

Avoid latency associated with traditional waterfall setups and guarantee the optimal user experience


Connect with thousands of direct advertisers and premium demand partners 

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